fashion design womenswear · master's degree (ma)1

contemporary femininity is a universe to explore and bring to the fore. identifying new shapes, predicting and creating new styles. new forms of femininity.

fashion designers of womenswear collections are among the world's most influential creative professionals. through their creations, they can change the way in which women live and dress. they have power over everything that fashion encompasses, inspiring change throughout the design world, changing lifestyles with their collections of clothing and accessories.

the time for improvisation is over. everything is planned down to the smallest detail, because the fashion designer of today must know how to design and interpret lifestyles that are in line with the mindstyles of the moment, which are continually shifting and evolving in the light of historical, cultural and social events. he must also take into account the demands of production, the expectations of customers, the image of the brand and the trends of today and tomorrow. the aim of this masters programme is to go beyond practical training on how to coordinate a womenswear collection.

it aims to explain how to add a new product to the production chain, how to develop a womenswear collection or idea within a global project, starting with careful research to respond to present and future trends and lifestyles.

course themes

Fashion Exploration
Design Intentions
Fashion Design, Development and Identity
Research Methods

1 students who successfully complete the programmes taught in english in london will be awarded with a master's degree by Manchester Met (Manchester Metropolitan University-UK); master's degrees include a 12 weeks work placement. 180 credits points are available in order to gain a master's degree upon successful completion of the course. all candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level); for further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office.